• Image of Storage Bag Set - Cloud in sky
  • Image of Storage Bag Set - Cloud in sky

Pack Up and Travel with Mr. White Cloud and Friends!

Fluffy House storage bags are here to carry and protect your clothes or personal belongings for your travel. You may enjoy packing time from now on with these Mr White Cloud and Friends’ bags﹗And of course, they could be your good helper for storage when you are at home, too.

A set of 1 big and 2 small bags with different lovely graphics printed on both sides. They are light in weight, space-saving and washable!

At the same time, they could store a large amount of your belongings. They could also be flexibly fitted in your baggage or wardrobe.

Have a relaxing and lovely trip with the Cloud’s bags, no matter if you are traveling in the sky or in the space!

-1 set with 1 big bag and 2 small bags
-Size: (L) H 50cm x W 32 cm x D 17cm
(S) H31cm X W25cm x D16 cm
-Material: Polyester

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