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Mr. White Cloud Mini Series 5 - FLUFFY AIRLINES (Random)


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard FLUFFY AIRLINES!

This is a cuteness-overload flight. We are sure that you will be happy to join us!

As we have the handsome leaders, Captain White Cloud and Captain Gray Cloud and lovely FLUFFY AIRLINES crew serving you with the warmest welcome. Need a travel buddy? Tourist Sunny is ready to take a sunbath with you! Who else is travelling with us? Nappy Bear is going to be your vacation photographer!

With all of them aside, who could resist such a lovable journey like this?

Time to get it started! Sit tight and thank you for flying with FLUFFY AIRLINES.

(Oops! Be careful of the Naughty Rabbits, they will sneak into your suitcase...)

Every single box or set is filled with infinite cute surprises!
There's also a secret figure in some of the sets by random.

Come on! Let's see which character you have picked today!

Size: 3 inch
Material: PVC


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